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Dogs need a bit of help with their dental care. Our Doggy Dental has an extra long chew time. They just work!

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When dogs chew, it activates natural enzymes in their mouths which mop up harmful bacteria. Our air-dried sticks mean more chewing for healthier mouths.

a stick for every shape and size

cool mint & strawberry

for small, medium or large dogs

crisp apple & eucalyptus

for small, medium or large dogs

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clean mouth

Plaque can be stubborn, so a dental stick with staying power is more effective. Ours are air-dried hard to give a longer, better chew.

fresh breath

Dogs aren’t famous for their fresh breath. We use the natural power of mint to keep bad smells at bay.

strong teeth

Strong teeth are healthy teeth, so we add calcium to our sticks to keep your dog’s pearly whites full of fight.

Why Doggy Dental?

Extra long chew time for effective dental care
Plaque can be stubborn, so a dental stick with staying-power is essential. Most dental sticks are just a ten-second treat. Because ours are air-dried hard, they give a longer, better chew.
Fewer calories than other mainstream brands
We designed our sticks to have a hollow tube-shape because that gives a thorough clean for fewer calories. What’s more, because we use plant-based ingredients, Doggy Dental is naturally low-calorie.
Sticks that don’t hurt the planet
Meat doesn’t have a clear positive impact on dental health, so we only use planet-friendly plant-based ingredients in our sticks. We also use biodegradable materials to make the packaging for Doggy Dental (and the rest of our food too!)

daily doggy care

Maintenance is key for a healthy mouth and a happy dog. We recommend one stick a day!